Kaloyan Ivanov


Kaloyan Ivanov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1986. In 2009 Kaloyan graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Kaloyan works in painting, performance and installation. In 2019 Kaloyan received the Awesome Foundation Grant for Sofia, Bulgaria. The artist has exhibited at Arosita Gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria), the 28th Slavonian Biennial - New Paradigms of Happiness organized by the Museum of Fine Arts (Osijek, Croatia), Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (Brooklyn, New York), Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (Gimpo, South Korea), 3RD Ethos (Brooklyn, New York), Filo Sofi (Manhattan, New York), Climate Gallery (Long Island City, New York), Port A (Sofia, Bulgaria). Kaloyan’s participatory performance piece Void Simulacrum has been exhibited at FIGMENT (Boston, MA), Trestle Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), York University (Toronto, CA), Water Tower Fest (Sofia, Bulgaria), AiOP (Greensboro, NC), FIGMENT (Washington D.C.) and PS1 (Iowa City, Iowa).