Struga will work within the existing architecture to create a new experience for the passer-by, the visitors, and city officials who work in the Brooklyn Borough Hall.  Struga is an installation aiming to create a dialog about place.  With the constant connection through social media and technology, our lives have become more public. There is a larger social awareness and we demand more of the spaces we inhabit, asking them to function in more than purely utilitarian ways.

The Brooklyn Borough Hall area is an exciting public space where people meet up, have lunch, buy produce, or simply pass by.  The location is the crossroads of popular Brooklyn neighborhoods.  The curtains of Struga aim to create a conversation about “place”, exploring the notion of bringing the interior to the exterior, and transporting us all from our private lives within, to the grander public stage we perform.

In the next few months I will be working with engineers, city officials, and friends to realize my project. As past conversations about what is and isn't possible, Struga has had to adapt and so the conversation is ongoing. All contributions will go toward materials, engineering, production, and logistics.

Struga is a sponsored project of NYFA, a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization.